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Friday, November 18, 2016

News for Dolls and Paintings for 2016


Buy handmade from our Etsy shop. You can download patterns as epatterns and create your own. Or ask us and we are happy to create one for you or even a painting from the Web site. 


Since the year began alot has happened. My daughter has remarried. I am creating dolls and painting on my canvas using oils and acrylic paints. 

You can still find the dolls on etsy and facebook under Raggedyrhondas or look for me under Raggedyrhondas Dolls. The etsy shop has the majority of the epatterns now marked at 50% off regular price. The reductions have already been taken.  You will not need a coupon for the sale price. 

If you are interested in fine art paintings check me out at www.francesshurley.com and I will be loading a couple of new painting with a buy it now feature. Some paintings you will need to contact me for payment as some will range from $350 to $10,000 and the actual shipping is included in the piece of art for the USA. Some large paintings actually cost me over $300 on larger ones to ship and some much more as I have UPS to package them and ship and my larger ones have actual cost me over several hundred to ship since they were over 4ft by 5ft paintings. (The larger paintings will also have an insurance cost added to the painting price so you are covered on shipping and insurance on one price)

I hope you enjoy seeing all the new primitive dolls, epatterns, and of course my fine arts. I appreciate all of you visiting, all your friendships, to all my customers I thank you all. 

Will be updating more here in the future with a new link for the fine arts blog at FrancesShurley.com . Check out my fine arts page on facebook if you will. You can find the link thru Frances Shurley Artist. Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving to all. Frances