Sunday, February 25, 2018

News for Raggedy Rhondas on Etsy, Ebay, The Web, Facebook Spring 2018

Its almost Spring 2018 at 

Raggedy Rhondas Dolls & Patterns has been around along time and seems we need a facelift. So here come the spring specials. 

Clearing out the supplies and the fabrics. I want to create a new work space with new ideas. 

I wish to thank each and everyone of you for standing by and supporting this site over the years. For some of you that know me and my family, well you know Rhonda has gone onto the new phase of her life with her husband and kids. I bought out everything and have now been #painting. Yes finally my #FineArts. 

Here are a couple to #paintings I have done. 
If you want to check these out 
please visit my web site.

With this said, I still sew dolls and create #primitivepatterns, #quilts between dry time on my paintings.
I hope that you will check out my #instagram @FrancesShurley  and also on #Twitter. You can find me on Facebook along with live broadcasting soon. I recently started a #youtube channel and hope to put all the links on here soon. 

I wanted to thank you all, I am living the life I had dreamed of now and as the kids are grown, we do still have small grandchildren so I do get to spend time with them. 

When my mother passed away 3 years ago, I promised myself to spend time doing all the things I loved. Why did I have to just pick one thing. We are able to do all things thru Christ who strengthens us. So pray for strength because many days I need it. I am grateful for all of you that have helped and supported along the way. 

Update: I am trying to go thru and update the patterns for the dolls and list them here. I will do my best to update with buy now buttons and instand downloads for you. 

I have reduced all the pricing on all the older patterns and so that means new ones will be coming as I can get to them. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy life - it only gets better with time. 

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