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Friday, October 16, 2020

News for Raggedy Rhondas on Etsy, Ebay, The Web, Facebook

Its almost Winter 2020 at 

Raggedy Rhondas Dolls & Patterns has been around along time...

 we need a facelift... 

I have 2 new work areas. Art Studio, Soaping and Sewing Studio now but I would love to close in the gargage to make a huge studio together. I need my sunroom back and my space bedroom back so thats my goal this year.  

I want to thank each and everyone of you for standing by and supporting this site over the years. For some of you that know me and my family, well you know Rhonda has gone onto the new phase of her life. My daughter is doing great and I am doing all that I love now, from sewing to painting, creating handmade soaps and masks (yes the masks for at least a while till they say we dont have to have them.) I did just opened a Amazon Handmade Store and I will link it somewhere below. For now... thanks yall for always being there to support me and the kids. That means alot of us.  

Here are a couple of #paintings I have done. 
If you want to check these out 
please visit my web site, I sure would appreciate you and please sprinkle if you can. (Sprinkle means Share if you dont know)

We have new Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available on the web site.  

With this said, I still sew dolls and create primitive patterns, quilts between dry time on my paintings.
I hope that you will check out my instagram @francesshurleyartwork  and also on #Twitter. You can find me on Facebook along with live broadcasting soon. I recently started a youtube channel and hope to put all the links on...

I wanted to thank you all, I am living the life I had dreamed. 

When my mother passed away 6 years ago, I promised myself to spend time doing all the things I loved and not waste a moment. 

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Custom Orders Available
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