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Friday, October 16, 2020

Handmade Soaps Natural

Raggedy Rhondas has added Handmade Soap

Handmade soaps and lotions are so good for your skin and mom has learned how to make them. 
So grateful we don't have to buy store soap anymore. 
Loaded with of Shea butter, Mango butters, Olive oils, Coconut oils, jojoba oils, vitamin e oils, and extra butters.

We are carrying Pure and Simple Soap, Lavender Soap and Peppermint with more coming this week. Each is wrapped for delivery with Cello paper and pretty bow. 

Pure and Simple, Natural, Organic, Soaps, Bar soap, raggedyrhondas, Shurleyscreations

Peppermint Natural Soap, Essential Oil, Handmade bar soaps

lavender soap, lavender essential oil, handmade soap, shurleyscreations, raggedyrhondas

These soaps lather and have so much moisturizing benefits and we are adding the mini bar just to try it out.

Also check out the Etsy Shop at Raggedyrhondas for the listings of the handmade soaps and every order will also receive a sample bar of one of the new soaps. 

Thanks for dropping by. Frances

If you are interested in what I use in making of the soaps I will be adding on "MY FAVORITES THINGS" all the things I like and have used and love using.  

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Custom Orders Available
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